Girl Genius Mod APK 1.6.0 unlocked(coins+Money) Free Download

Girl Genius Mod APK


Do you enjoy playing puzzle games that require rapid thinking? Then by now, you must be tired of playing standard puzzle games like chess. Nobody is blaming you; in fact, a lot of original puzzle games are released nowadays. Girl Genius Mod APK is one of the best instances of this. This Lion Studios-produced game offers a ton of captivating settings for you to experience.

Girl Genius Mod APK 1.6.0 unlocked(coins+Money) Free Download

If you think creatively and in a different way, you can easily solve them. This is because the game centers on the life of an intelligent girl who gets married and experiences humor. You’ll need nothing but cunning to help her navigate the various situations in her complex life. Are you able to get her to safety? Can you apprehend the mistress of her husband? You’ll find solutions for these issues!

Information of Girl Genius 2024

Updated March 2, 2024
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.6.0
size 143.43 Mb
Category game
Developer Lion Studios
Price Free
Google Play com.tgame.girlgenius

Solve Different Scenarios

Do you enjoy figuring out puzzles? If so, you might be wise indeed! Try Girl Genius if you’ve ever wanted to put your brains to the test in another puzzle game. This game combines action sequences with puzzles to present you with challenging puzzle scenarios to solve. Each scenario has been thoughtfully designed to present you with a challenging riddle to work through.

Girl Genius Mod APK 1.6.0 unlocked(coins+Money) Free Download

To win this game, all you have to do is put in your best effort and select the wisest move. You might be drawn to simple solutions. To fully solve issues, though, you have to think creatively. On certain levels, you have to look at the phone and choose the right answer to expose your husband’s infidelity. There could even be occasions when you have to pass through a window! As you solve various riddles in this game, you may also accumulate clothes. Alternatively, you can employ hints!

Girl Genius Mod APK Features:

Do you find yourself solving action puzzles more often than standard ones? Play Girl Genius to experience a range of action puzzles.

Girl Genius Mod APK 1.6.0 unlocked(coins+Money) Free Download

Tons of things to do – These days, puzzle games are widely available. They’re all over the Google Play Store, ready for you to find them. However, you have to acquire Girl Genius if you’re looking for a more captivating puzzle game. This is not your normal moving-pieces or selecting-objects kind of game. You must constantly think outside the box in this situation. It might also ask you to select a response to a text. Your decisions will determine whether or not you can solve the puzzle right away. After that, you’ll play a major role in solving several mysteries!

A variety of puzzle levels – You’ll complete a range of puzzle levels in Girl Genius. You will have several puzzles to solve in each. You have to save the bride and groom from the collapsing chandelier on the first level. You’ll then follow her while her spouse plays with her before abandoning her. You shouldn’t worry because this game has a ton of levels to play. They’re all difficult, so you won’t be able to finish them all in one sitting.

Girl Genius Mod APK 1.6.0 unlocked(coins+Money) Free Download

Collect outfits – You will receive coins after each level, and you may use those coins to acquire new skin. All it takes to keep the skin is to watch a video advertisement. Or you can view an advertisement to get four times as many coins. You can use a variety of adorable clothes in this game overall. They offer an alternative to the ones you’re employing initially.

Great animation and controls – There are no puzzle games like this one that you have ever played. The controls are well-made, and the animation is excellent. You will be able to choose several outfits that will transform your character’s appearance in an instant. A military uniform, a scarlet dress, an Amazonian style, a schoolgirl suit, a spy outfit, a maid outfit, and many more are among the various outfits available.

A fun puzzle game – You can play the brilliant puzzle game Girl Genius right now. It lets you reflect carefully on your next course of action. This is not like any other popular puzzle game available today.


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to get the most recent version of Girl Genius! MOD APK so you may play with an unlimited money feature. The good news is that you can easily and quickly download the APK file by using the direct download link that we have included for this file. You can play this game without worrying, though.

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