AVG Cleaner Mod APK 24.04.0 (Unlocked+No aids) Free Download

AVG Cleaner Mod APK 24.04.0


AVG Cleaner Mod APK Is there a lot of unneeded file clutter on your computer or phone? Are you annoyed by the incessant “low storage space” notification? Should that be the case, AVG Cleaner could be the ideal remedy! A potent and easy-to-use tool created by the well-known security software provider AVG optimizes your device’s efficiency and frees up important storage space. It is available for Mac computers and Android smartphones, and it has a wide range of tools to assist you: AVG Cleaner Pro lets users scan all of the garbage files on their device and erase them with a single swipe, exactly like other mobile cleaner apps. On the other hand, AVG Cleaner Pro will make cleaning incredibly efficient and fast.

AVG Cleaner Mod APK

Preserve the finest quality and condition for your Android smartphone from the day it was purchased. As long as you keep downloading apps and browsing the web, this could seem a little challenging to accomplish. Nevertheless, there is a simple fix for this: get AVG Cleaner Pro for Android.

Information of  AVG Cleaner APK

Updated March,06,2024
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 24.04.0
size 42.33 Mb
Category Productivity
Developer AVG Mobile
Price Free
Google Play com. avg.cleaner

what is AVG cleaner?

AVG Cleaner is a device optimization program compatible with Mac desktops and Android smartphones. It facilitates storage space optimization and enhances device performance AVG Cleaner Pro lets users scan all of the garbage files on their device and erase them with a single swipe, exactly like other mobile cleaner apps. On the other hand, AVG Cleaner Pro will make cleaning incredibly efficient and fast.

AVG Cleaner Mod APK

Finding and eliminating junk files: This includes surfing history, app cache, temporary files, and other trash that builds up over time and causes your device to lag.
Eliminating redundant files: locating and removing redundant images, movies, and papers that are occupying space.
Eliminating undesired applications: locating and eliminating unnecessary programs with ease, possibly improving speed and saving up disk space.

Top  Features of  AVG Cleaner Mod APK

some useful features are as follows:

simple to use

Both novice and seasoned users can benefit from the app’s practical and efficient features. That being stated, you may quickly scan and remove all of the garbage files on your computer with a single tap. You have access to some of the most incredible features and system adjustments available.

Maximize storage

One of the best things about AVG Cleaner is that it can quickly and efficiently remove any undesirable files from your system. Furthermore, the user interfaces and controls are rather basic. Consequently, you will find it much simpler to access the alternatives.

Numerous cleaning options are also available, such clearing up outdated data, uninstalling all apps—including hidden ones—detecting huge files, and more. Your phone will be fully restored to its original state.

App Management

Easily identify and remove apps you no longer use, freeing up storage space and potentially boostin performance. The app also provides information about how much storage each app is using. Making it easier to decide which ones to uninstall.

AVG Cleaner Mod APK

Boostthe battery life

In addition to saving data and system resources, there is another advantage to having your apps in hibernation. And that’s to extend your phone’s battery life. When these apps are not used, you can drastically cut down on battery life. Your phone would last much longer if you did this.

Additionally, you can choose from a variety of helpful battery modes to extend its lifespan. Nevertheless, you may program the phone to operate well in specific situations by setting it to predefined profiles like “Low Battery,” “Car,” “Outdoor,” and so forth.

Locating Hidden Storage Hogs

Duplicate files are exact replicas of the same information that are frequently made accidentally by downloading, taking screenshots, or storing different versions of a document. They might take up a lot of storage space without adding much value.

Removal of Junk Files

  • Fighting Clutter: AVG Cleaner finds and eliminates a variety of pointless files that build up over time and cause your device to lag. This comprises:
  • Temporary files: These are produced while a task is running by different applications and are deleted after it is finished.
  • Web browser cache: If you don’t frequently visit the same websites, the downloaded data from them, such as images and JavaScript, is saved in your browser for quicker loading times on subsequent visits.

AVG Cleaner Mod APK

Advanced Scanning

AVG Cleaner uses advanced algorithms to perform a full search of your device, finding duplicate documents, videos, music, and images. After that, it shows them for your evaluation, letting you decide which ones to save and which to remove.


AVG Cleaner allows you to manage your storage and apps, as well as remove junk files. It is designed to be user-friendly for both tech-savvy and nontechnical users. AVG Cleaner is a great way to keep your computer/mobille running well and give it a new lease of life.

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How to Download & Installing AVG Cleaner Mod APK

Before installing, the “Unknown Sources option” must be selected.

1. Click the button to download the file.

2. Download the file to your device and store it in the downloaded folder.

3. Install the software by clicking the file you downloaded.

4. Launch the app to start playing.

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