Boxing Star Mod APK 5.2.0 Free Download

Boxing Star Mod APK Overview:

Boxing Star Mod Apk is a variant of the original game created by Fourthirtythree Inc. Unlimited Money & Gold are the main differences between the mod version and the regular version. With HappyMod, you may download the most recent mod or the unmodified version of Boxing Star 5.2.0. The greatest mod downloader for 100% functional mods is HappyMod.

In Boxing Star, every fighter’s fantasy comes true! Are you going to win again? Enter the ring to beat and eliminate opponents like a champion! Only one boxing star is allowed!

Ever ponder what it meant when someone advised you to “sweat, blood, and tears” if you truly desired something? Discover the path to becoming the next boxing star! Rise from the streets and use your fists to get to the top to become the greatest boxing star!

Boxing Star Mod Apk Features:

Story Mode: Check out the story of the game and go head-to-head with the cast of wacky and wild boxers. Watch yourself grow from a street boxer to becoming a national champion.

Boxing Star Mod APK

Test Your Boxing Skills: Improve your skills by practicing with all of the various realistic boxing movements. To win, use uppercuts, crosses, hooks, and jabs.

Customize: Customize your boxer and let their story unfold before your very eyes. Set up a look and fighting style for your personalized character. Additionally, you can equip them with different skills that are exclusive to the Boxing Star game!

Join the Fight Club: Create a clan and join it with other players. Show the entire world which boxing organizations are the best.

Boxing Star Mod APK

Access Missions and Events: You can take part in a wide variety of daily, weekly, battle club, and league tasks. For finishing them, you’ll receive a ton of fantastic goodies.


Do we even need to discuss the Boxing Star game’s visuals? A sports video game would be appropriate for the 3D graphics and visuals.

Boxing Star Mod APK

Despite the cartoonish appearance, everything is realistic and compelling. As a result, Boxing Stars for Android is playable by players of all ages.

In keeping with that, the animations are similarly fluid. The combat and graphics in the game are generally of decent quality. Both the eyes and the soul will enjoy it.


  • Created by FourThirty-Three
  • Not recommended for youngsters under the age of 12
  • Mild violence is present in certain instances.
  • The best platforms are iOS and Android.
  • Download without cost

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