Cats and Soup Mod APK 2.37.1 Unlimited(Gems+Money) Download

Cats and Soup Mod APK Free Download


Cats and Soup Mod APK Free Download (Unlimited Money)  is a game where the main characters are cats who manage a soup business and make endless amounts of money. Get the Cats and Soup game right now from the techbig. You are going to love playing this amazing simulation game in which you help the cats cook. You’ll have a dozen adorable kitties at your disposal to make some delectable soup. This is the game’s major objective. Using cat chefs, you will slice, dice, and boil different ingredients to prepare soup! You will also have to furnish a cat-friendly house with the most exquisite furnishings and one-of-a-kind household accents.

Cats and Soup APK Free Download

Several breeds of cats are featured in this game. You have to think about and choose a dress for each breed so that your cats stand out! Playing the game is quite easy because all you have to do is freely interact with the cat and utilize them to carry out your own business plans.

Informations About Cats and Soup 2024

Updated Feb 27, 2024
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.37.1
size 784.63 Mb
Category Game
Developer HIDEA
Price Free
Google Play Cats & Soup – Cute Cat Game

Cook Together With the Cats

The fundamental concept of the Cats and Soup Mod APK Free Download (Unlimited money)  game is mixing items to create new recipes for a wide range of delectable cuisines. Make the greatest soup you can, chop veggies, add meat, and sell it for a healthy profit. You can increase revenue and productivity by hiring more staff members and purchasing kitty accessories with the limitless money you have earned. Don’t be afraid to embellish the cathouse, ease the cats’ tension, and take pleasure in this engaging and relaxing game.

Cats and Soup APK Free Download

Make sure that you help the cats fulfill their wishes. Be there to make more food and soups for sale and make more in-game money! Without a doubt, players will enjoy many happy hours or gameplay in this game with cute cats. That is because there are many activities such as camping in the forest together, collecting various ingredients, cooking, and more.

Plays of Cats and Soup: Highlights

Download the Cats and Soup Game and enjoy the following features. Come and play with the cat now!

Make the Best Soup

In the game Cats and Soup, players will engage with cats and assist them in creating delectable soups, as the title implies. You will start on this simulation adventure with just one cat. The cat gets into a big pot and spills stuff, filling some plates. This is the soup in its original form. However, due to a shortage of components, the soup ends up being thin and unsatisfactory.

Cats and Soup APK Free Download

You will employ more cats to address this annoying outcome and use them to raise the caliber of the soups. To make the soup sweeter, you will also need to buy additional ingredients. Serve up the greatest assortment of soups to your customers, win them back, and keep getting paid!
Be aware that while cooking, your cats will become fatigued. They must thus take a break. You need to create a special hangout where the cats can go to rest and refuel to aid with their sleep.

Different Types of Soups

In the incredibly entertaining game Cats and Soups, you can prepare different kinds of soups based on the ingredients you have on hand. In addition, the game lets you unlock a variety of soup varieties.

Cooking is enjoyable, and this game offers a ton of entertaining cooking-related activities. You will enjoy watching the cats prepare the food and soups even though you don’t have to.

Cats and Soup APK Free Download

In the course of the game, you can win unique prizes in the form of gold coins and keep on doing many exciting things in the game. You can also sell dishes and keep on adding new facilities. Develop new recipes and cook more expensive dishes!

Use More Items and Sell More

To make soups and sell them for more money, players will employ a variety of objects and artifacts in this game. Players can, for instance, add a hat to a cat figure and even 20% accelerate the growth of carrots. In addition, a sunflower adds ten percent to the cost of a grilled radish and can expedite the process of producing juice by twenty percent. You can also get clothing and accessories for your cats by taking them to a headdress.

Stunning Graphics and Sound

the CATS b& SOUP game provides the user with nice graphics and electrifying sound designs. Although you can decide to just watch as things unfold in the simulation and do nothing, you can watch funny cats perform all the activities.

Cats and Soup APK Free Download

Also, you will experience the change of night and day during gameplay and enjoy pleasant music. For example, the player will hear crickets at night, and birds singing during the day.

Make Cat Homes Better

To earn as much in-game money as you want with this game’s soup-selling enterprise. then use this money to improve the cat’s living quarters! You also design outdoor spaces for relaxation and more!


Cats And Soup APK is a lovely mobile game that offers an intriguing experience. It offers countless hours of amusement and heartwarming moments with its fascinating images and interactive kitty care. It’s the ideal option for anyone looking for cute and soothing gameplay, whether they want to dress up lovely cats or run their cat restaurant.


Cats and Soup APK Free Download

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