Going Balls 1.81 Mod APK Unlimited(Money+coins) Free Download

Going Balls Mod APK


There are several arcade platformer games available, and they are simple to play. The objective of the fun and simple game Going Balls Mod APK is to swipe the ball around obstacles.

The game is similar to many bowling games, but it goes a step further. You’ll be knocking down a flurry of various platforms of differing difficulty in place of pins.

Going Balls 1.81 Mod APK Unlimited(Money+coins) Free Download

There are numerous levels to complete since they each offer different obstacles in their path. This might involve a line you have to cross, roadblocks, and other things.

But to unlock more balls, you must also capture certain objects that are in your path. The game is a straightforward but compelling platformer that allows you to fully enjoy bowling.


Instructions on How to Play Going Balls:

This game might initially appear to be challenging. But upon closer inspection, Going Balls Mod APK is a lighthearted and simple game to play. Here’s how to take pleasure in it:

  1. To begin, swipe the ball upward.
  2. Next, use the sideways swipe to obtain various things or dodge obstacles.
  3. You don’t need to accelerate because the ball will roll downhill or jump when necessary.
  4. You can advance to the following level after crossing the finish line.

As you can see, the game simply requires a few straightforward controls to play. Consequently, the game is accessible whenever and everywhere!

Incredible Levels:

Going Balls Mod APK offers a variety of levels for play, just like the majority of casual platformers. You will begin at the first, most straightforward level, which has few challenges and tons of rewards. For some levels, a level lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds or longer.

Going Balls 1.81 Mod APK Unlimited(Money+coins) Free Download

Various platforms can be used here, but they all descend so that you can accelerate. Once you cross the finish line, the level will be over, and you’ll receive some gifts.

You can go through as many levels of this game as you like to complete it and earn every item.

Entertaining Balls to Unlock:

The balls are one of the Going Balls’ key components. There are more of them to be unlocked, but at first, they resemble a futuristic bowling ball. There are many different objects, including a billiard ball, plunger, neon, apple, baseball, candy, watermelon, football, beach ball, basketball, football, and many more.

Going Balls 1.81 Mod APK Unlimited(Money+coins) Free Download

This game is enjoyable to play since each ball has a distinctive design. But you’ll need a lot of coins to unlock them. The coins are obtained by successfully finishing each level and receiving incentives. The most costly ball, with a gold-plated pattern and a spectacular arrow streak, can fetch up to 10,000 coins.

Keep Upgrading:

Going Balls is the best game since you can continuously improve your balls! By simply watching a video commercial, you can improve your acceleration in this game by 50%.

Going Balls 1.81 Mod APK Unlimited(Money+coins) Free Download

Additionally, by buying a new ball, you’ll obtain better stats that will enable you to pass new levels. There are numerous bonus levels where you can take advantage of additional bonuses.

Realistic Animations:

The game features top-notch animations and graphics. It has a first-person perspective and 3D visuals. You will notice several clouds and a floating platform because the levels are located in the sky.

Each level has a unique layout with amazing obstacles and treasures. There is a screen effect that plays when you obtain a new item. You may unlock a lot of balls in the game that roll in diverse ways at different stages.

Remove Ads:

Although this game is free, there are some commercials. Nevertheless, they aren’t as bothersome as they are in most games. You have the option to view the video adverts to double your rewards after each level.

Going Balls 1.81 Mod APK Unlimited(Money+coins) Free Download

The game can also be purchased to permanently remove all advertising. You’ll be able to have fun and appreciate the game much more.

Going Balls Mod APK Features:

  •  Simple one-finger swipe control for the ball
  •  delightful assortment of balls for play
  • Constantly challenging inventive challenges
  • Get rid of any available advertising.


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