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Hair Challenge Mod APK


Since our hair reflects so much about our personalities, it is a crucial component of our bodies. Furthermore, we may style them to rapidly alter our appearances! You should play Hair Challenge Mod APK right now if you enjoy challenges and long hair. Try to grow your hair as long as you can to go through all of the obstacles and complete the course. In this case, there can be more awards the longer the hair.

Hair Challenge Mod APK

You may enjoy picking up different hair to make your long in this entertaining game about a hair obstacle course! Here, you’ll make the most of your long hair as you navigate a variety of obstacles and gather today’s colorful hair. Take a stylish stroll today and stay clear of the sharp edges and hazardous situations along the route! Your score increases with the length of your hair. Can you beat your previous best to obtain the most gems and awards possible today?

Information of Hair Challenge 2024

Updated Feb 28, 2024
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 25.4.13
size 213.51 Mb
Category game
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Hair Challenge

Make Your Hair Long:

If you enjoy wearing your hair longer, you’re not unlike many other people. There are a ton of things you can do in the modern world to get longer hair. You can use various hair products and aloe vera, and just wait for it to grow in. We can do so many different hairstyles and colors with long hair, and we can wear so many amazing clothes and shoes with it. Because of this, sporting long hair is a fantastic method to showcase our personalities.

Hair Challenge Mod APK

You can play a hair-focused game called Hair Challenge where you can navigate razor-sharp obstacle courses! To prevent your hair from being chopped off, you should steer clear of these items as much as you can. However, you can also pick up various hairs from the courses, which can lengthen your hair. These hairs are necessary to increase your final score! The awards you can receive increase with the length of your hair.

Enjoy a variety of hair colors and styles at various levels today. You can also collect characters, hair accessories, and hair tints.

Hair Challenge Mod APK Features:

Do you enjoy growing out your hair? You will enjoy a variety of hairs and obstacles in Hair Challenge.

Hair Challenge Mod APK

Amazing obstacle courses – Do you already have long hair, or do you wish you did? Since it is one of the most identifiable and modifiable elements of our body, our hair plays a significant role in who we are. We can wear our hair in any style, color, and length we choose. However, you have to play Hair Challenge right now if you want to enjoy a game about hair. In this Rollic Games game, you may have fun dodging obstacles and growing your hair instantly.

The game’s basic idea is that you must be able to grow hair while navigating perilous obstacle courses. These days, rolling blades come in every shape and size and can endanger your hair! All of these must be avoided for you to walk the red carpet and receive prizes according to the length of your hair. Play a fun game now to unlock a variety of characters, outfits, and accessories.

Hair Challenge Mod APK

Fun obstacles – You will encounter numerous amazing obstacle courses in Hair Challenge, all of which are chock-full of sharp and sometimes harmful things. Saws, revolving blades, and other sharp objects are all available and can quickly cut your hair. To get a high score, you have to cross the finish line with your hair still in place. You can add to your current hair by picking up hair along the road, so don’t worry! There are numerous hues to choose from, including pink, brown, blue, and others.

Get your hair longer – You can gather the hair that has fallen across the obstacle courses in this game! Your hair would grow longer the more hair you picked up. However, as you move through the blades, it may get shorter. It must remain as long as possible while maintaining its length.

Hair Challenge Mod APK

Unlock hair dyes, characters, and accessories – You can now access a variety of hair colors and styles by taking the Hair Challenge. To have fun, you can also unlock and utilize a large number of characters. Additionally, you can unlock a ton of extras, such as adorable hairbands, among many others. You can indulge in all of these hair treats for ardent hair junkies with this game!

Enjoyable 3D graphics – Enjoy navigating the perilous hazards that appear genuine nowadays. The colors and hairstyles are equally fantastic!

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