Homescapes Mod APK 6.6.1 Free Download

Homescapes Mod APK Overview:

Are you a big fan of house management games? Do you have an addiction to remodeling and housework? In that case, this is unquestionably the game for you! Install the Homescapes Mod APK on your Android device and start renovating your new house. The goal of the entire game is to effectively manage and maintain the provided house’s cleanliness and appearance. It might not appear as simple as it sounds, though. Maintaining a mansion of this size requires a lot of assistance, as it is an arduous process!

Homescapes Mod APK

The actual game is displayed in a 2.5D space. As a butler, you take charge and do a variety of duties to repair your house. You will also engage in a couple of matching games in between to earn additional tokens for carrying out additional renovations.

You will ultimately have to invest blood and sweat into this old house. The finished product is an incredible-looking building with a spick and span!

Combining Management and Puzzle Games:

Austin the Butler, who looks after the family’s housekeeping and maintenance, is first introduced to you in the game. By default, you are the new owner of this house.

As the house would initially resemble an abandoned building, renovations will be the main goal. However, there will be puzzle obstacles that you must solve as you make various improvements to your home.

Homescapes Mod APK

As you go, restore its faded splendor by decorating it with eye-catching items. You will be in charge of everything—from interior design to cleaning.

More stuff to spice up:

Not everything you need to decorate the house will be available. Unlock the specials, please. There are tiny match-3 level puzzles for that, which are similar to Candy Crush.

The item is yours to keep and can be put in any area of the house when you win the minigame.

Homescapes Mod APK

The gameplay is really easy to understand and entertaining to watch. Watch Austin’s insane antics as the helpless and innocent man encounters problems day and night.

You move forward in this game, which takes place from an aerial point of view, by tapping. Just give the butler tasks to complete and watch him work.

Average 3D graphics:

2.5D visuals are of a passable rather than excellent grade. Its clarity is really mediocre; you won’t be able to make out much detail on any particular object.

Additionally, a panoramic view of the mansion greets you. Since the color tones of all the images are muted and gentle, your eyes won’t get tired of looking at them anytime soon.

Homescapes Mod APK

The significance of exceptional animations is nonexistent. All that is needed are straightforward, simple images. And the game excels in that regard!

All in all, you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

Homescapes Mod APK Features:

  • Play a unique game: where you swap and match pieces to help Austin repair the house!
  • Interior design: you choose the style and appearance of the home.
  • Match-3 levels: that are full of excitement, with special boosters and powerful combos!
  • Explore this enormous: exquisite home to learn all of its secrets!
  • Wonderful characters: observe them go about their daily lives and engage with one another on the social network within the game.

Homescapes Mod APK

  • A mischievous: fluffy cat makes a delightful pet.
  • Ask your Facebook friends to assist you in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment at home!

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How To Download Homescapes Mod APK?

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