Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod APK Free Download

Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod APK Free Download Overview

Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod APK Free Download is a captivating mobile game that is ideal for all idle game and simulation enthusiasts. In this game, you play as blogger Lamar, who wants to dominate the Internet and become the most well-known content provider. You may grow your channel and make money. You can also customize your blogger’s appearance and channel to your preference with the game’s extensive customization options. As you go, you can also acquire new tools and features that add to the game’s replay value and keep it interesting and engaging.

Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod APK Free Download

Lamar Idle Vlogger is an entertaining adventure game that blends humor and idle aspects to enhance gameplay as you rise from the lower echelons of society to the top. Lamar’s life was initially impoverished, but with your assistance, he will progress swiftly and get a fresh start to get over his dull past.

Information of Lamar Idle Vlogger

Updated Nov 3, 2023
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 182_11-03_ab17store
size 154.91 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Advent limited
Price Free
Google Play

Lamar – Idle Vlogger


Lamar’s life is miserable and at the bottom of society, but you can help him support himself and generate money by giving him fresh ideas for video content. It’s also a crucial aspect of the game; in order to constantly create the greatest films and bring in money, you must invest in ideas. Video quality can rise significantly over time, providing you with more chances to work with other content makers and boost sales.


Perfect equipment and material are essential for producing a high-quality movie, and you must always improve the caliber of your equipment. The investing system enables you to improve a multitude of components, all of which combine to increase money generation in a passive manner. Numerous changes have an impact on viewers as well and can increase the average number of views while making an impression on the community to draw in more unique bonuses for sustained growth.

Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod APK Free Download


The best strategy to increase the potential for upgrades is to purchase new items because upgrades might not be sufficient for your progress. New video recorders will be available to you through the equipment system, and you may even rent studios to temporarily improve the film’s quality. In addition to the recorded materials, the viewer’s environment has a significant impact. You can customize video content in a variety of ways to further your own development.


Lamar used to live in a shabby, outdated house, but as his profession progresses, you’ll be able to provide him with a new, cozy residence. Another intriguing feature of the in-game economy is the ability to purchase furniture and homes to give Lamar a fulfilling existence. With the game’s upcoming updates, a ton of new residences will show up. Each one has an amazing design that will allow you to drastically alter Lamar’s life.

Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod APK Free Download


Average views can be influenced by various things, and car purchases will accelerate Lamar’s rise. With the help of the game, you can choose from a large variety of pricey automobiles to serve as the background for each video, highlighting his achievements and showcasing them to the world. In order to make every movie even better, you can also assist Lamar with decorating the automobiles and getting the most amazing customizations. For extra cash, you may also utilize or sell used cars.

Features of Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod APK

You shouldn’t be able to play Lamar – Idle Vlogger with your hands restricted to your phone’s little screen with all of your passion. Use your keyboard and mouse to take complete control of your game and play like a pro. MEmu provides everything you may possibly want. On your PC, download and play Lamar – Idle Vlogger. No more energy, mobile data, or annoying call limits—play for as long as you wish. The greatest option for playing Lamar – Idle Vlogger on a PC is the brand-new MEmu 9. Lamar – Idle Vlogger is a true PC game thanks to its superb preset keymapping system, which was prepared with our knowledge. The MEmu multi-instance manager enables the simultaneous use of two or more accounts on a single device.

Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod APK Free Download

  • See Yourself Rise. You’ll begin with numerous debts and a borrowed phone. But you will eventually live a better lifestyle and become a well-known YouTuber. At last, you can buy a car, some nice clothes, and other essentials.
  • Reach Fame through Publicity. You may increase the visibility of your vlogs by downloading the Lamar Idle Vlogger APK. As you gain notoriety, you will grow and draw in a large number of clients and vendors.
  • Live the Hollywood Dream! Notoriety is accompanied by opulence and benefits like chauffeur-driven cars and exclusive getaways. You will also run into powerful individuals.

How to get Mod APK  and how to install it

The “Unknown Sources” option must be enabled when start installation.

1. To download the Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod APK, click the Download button bellow

2. Store the file in the download folder on your device.

3. Click the file that you downloaded to start the installation process, then give it some time to finish.

4. As soon as it’s finished, launch the game and begin playing.

Summery of  Lamar Idle Vlogger Mod APK

For those who appreciate managing a business, Lamar Idle Vlogger is an engaging game. It is a single-player game that guides you through a series of chores. Be ready to multitask while you go about your many tasks.

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