Myths of Moonrise Mod APK 1.50.1 Free Download

Myths Of Moonrise Mod APK Overview:

A Myths of Moonrise Mod APK struck the world one day without any prior notice because it ushered in a new era of darkness. This event shatters the calm and leaves humanity in disarray. The way we know life breaks down.

People witness the death of a loved one in front of them, and they cry out in terror and anguish. It is too much to bear the loss. All humanity can do is begin anew, rebuild, and hold out hope that maybe one day they will be able to resurrect life on Earth.

There is a bright side, though! The reunion of the Vampire, Wizard, and Werewolf offers humanity a glimmer of hope. They are rebuilding the globe and helping those in need by using their strength.

Myths of Moonrise Mod APK

When they arrive at the Ancestral Grounds and begin their perilous trek, they awaken the powerful lord who has been dozing for a millennium. He’ll support them in their efforts to give humanity hope again!

Take a trip with the wizard, vampire, and werewolf by downloading the game. Assist them in giving the world hope again! Make sure that the moon rises and that there is a possibility for peace for humanity to exist once again.

A Mind-Boggling Gaming Experience:

A game that would unite people and assist them in coping with the loss of a loved one was the developer StarFortune’s vision. The game delivers a sense of community and hope while not avoiding tough subjects.

Players will have to assist individuals in need and reconstruct homes. To survive, they will also need to obtain food and water.

They will also need to defend the populace against intruders and monsters. and all the while attempting to discover a means of reviving the planet.

The gameplay is distinct and suitable for all skill levels. Players can choose from a variety of quest lines, all of which offer countless hours of material!

Lots of Heroes (With Unique Properties):

Special units in this game are essential in Overworld fights. Selecting up to five heroes is necessary for your match-3 gaming. Three main units will be present, comprising:

  • Hero Musketeers
  • Harder Heroes
  • Heroes Riders

Myths of Moonrise

Every kind of hero has special advantages to aid in resource gathering, map exploration, and combat. Each hero has unique strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll need to carefully decide which ones to bring into combat.

Every hero has an element as well. Additionally, the game has five different kinds of color-coded objects. They consist of:

  • Wolf Pack (Green)
  • Red Vampires
  • Devils in Purple
  • Magicians (Blue) and
  • Yellow Demon Hunters

Make sure you always get the ideal combinations because some units deal more damage to particular kinds of foes than others. The way you decide will decide how the war turns out!

Myths of Moonrise Mod APK

Because it is important to remember that every element has strengths and weaknesses relative to other elements. As an illustration, Werewolves (Green) are weaker than Vampires (Red) but stronger than Wizards (Blue).

The weaker element takes twofold damage and only has half the impact of the stronger element’s double-blow damage.

Myths of Moonrise Mod APK Features:

Rebuild Homes: Get past the barriers and ruins! The process of reconstruction is never easy. There might be Fallen henchmen hiding among the debris and collapsed walls, but there might also be fellow countrymen waiting to be saved. Please proceed with caution at every turn, never give up on your fellow citizens, and never extend mercy to the Fallen. Equip yourself with tactics and align the chess pieces to unleash the age-old force capable of annihilating your adversaries!

Myths of Moonrise Mod APK Free Download

Heroes, Arena, Overload and Alliances:

Recruit Heroes: Never does a lone wolf turn into a true lord! The best of all races are ready to help you! Never decline their offer! Instead, you must muster the courage because you will eventually require a strong right-hand man of your own.

Explore&Arena: Whoever is prepared, wins! Hero exploration combined with match-3 battles is a winning mix. Strengthen your clan, fortify your resolve, and attain your glory amid dire situations and precarious escapes! And the perfect Arena would be the place to test all these skills!

War Overlord: There are five races and four troop types, each with its own set of restrictions! It hardly takes a second to switch to the offensive side! If you want to gain the upper hand in combat, you must line up strategically and plan!

Create Alliances: Oaths are not as powerful as power! All races form alliances to maintain the stability of brotherhood within and the expansion of territory outside, which is the only thing that can cause the Fallen to quiver! Recall that a powerful Lord never battles by himself!

Myths of Moonrise Mod APK

Guard Continent: The Fallen’s ferocity can only be increased by inaction and refuge! assemble all might to launch initiative assaults! Eliminate every danger from every square inch of the continent! Regaining peace and harmony may only be accomplished by becoming the actual Lord of Nights!


The Android game Myths of Moonrise Mod APK is captivating and mentally taxing. You’ll be fascinated by its distinct gaming style, which combines strategy and puzzle elements. You should also download and play this Dead Target Mod APK.

How To Download Myths of Moonrise Mod APK?

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