Ninja Hands Mod APK 0.6.3(Unlimited coins) Free Download

Ninja Hands Mod APK


In the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, ninjas were actual individuals who lived in Japan. Like modern spies, they carried out operations in the shadows using their cunning and abilities. These days, they may be seen in a ton of international games, anime series, films, and television shows. They are undeniably popular now, even though their motions defy logic and physics and they are hip. That’s the reason you’ll become a great ninja in Ninja Hands Mod APK and protect the girl from the bad guys!

Ninja Hands Mod APK

This game, which is developed by Yso Corp., requires you to employ hand techniques, akin to ninja skills. You’ll be able to call forth special abilities right now, and you get to pick which technique to employ!

Experience something like Naruto while battling a ton of foes in this area. Call forth fire, electricity, or even birds to represent the adversaries! Here, where saving the planet is the objective, enjoy yourself with an abundance of powers and levels!

Information on Ninja Hands 2024

Updated March 02, 2024
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 0.6.3
size 136.29 Mb
Category Action
Developer Yso Corp
Price Free
Google Play com.YsoCorp.NinjaHands

Be a Ninja in Ninja Hands:

Ninjas are a common theme in a lot of today’s television series, films, and anime. Many films, like Mortal Kombat, Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, and even anime series like Naruto, have been global blockbusters in recent years. The appearance and skills of ninjas have evolved significantly over time, with some currently possessing superhuman abilities.

If you’re a lover of ninjas, you should play the best ninja game, Ninja Hands, right now! Here, you may develop into a highly proficient ninja with a wide range of formidable abilities.

Ninja Hands Mod APK

You’ll be able to use a variety of tactics here that will give you the ability to use various powers right now. You may enjoy methods like fire, electricity, substitution, and a lot more here. Every method has a specific use in this game, and they are all unique.

Enjoy a variety of stages where you may take on various opponents; nonetheless, saving the girl is the ultimate objective. You’ll be able to battle formidable opponents here!

Play this game now to unlock a variety of abilities and strategies and rescue the planet! Take part in an exciting game today with lots of ninjas.

Ninja Hands Mod APK Features:

As a ninja, you can perform a lot of entertaining things these days. You may use your abilities to save the girl in Ninja Hands!

Ninja Hands Mod APK

Save the girl – There is a ton of entertaining entertainment with ninja themes available in the modern world. You can completely play ninja movies, TV series, anime, and even video games these days.

You have access to a variety of powers, including fire, water, electricity, and substitution. The more levels you complete today, the more methods you can unlock. Enjoy a ton of levels where you can stop a ton of bad guys and save the damsel!

Ninja Hands Mod APK

Use different ninja techniques – You may have already seen a number of the several ninja-themed films and television series. As we all know, ninjas are cunning individuals who can do tasks while dozing off.

You’ll be able to employ several ninja techniques from Naruto and other television series in Ninja Hands. You’ll be able to employ a variety of additional powers here, such as fire, water, electricity, and substitution. Various ones will be available for you to employ based on the circumstances!

Play in a variety of levels – You may play a variety of levels in this game right now. To complete each one, you must destroy the several enemy kinds that will attack you with everything they have.

Ninja Hands Mod APK

3D fun graphics – With Ninja Hands’ amazing 3D visuals, you may experience your powers. You may experience special methods here that are activated by specific hand motions. Save the girl by being the greatest ninja of all time!

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