Pixel Starships Mod APK 0.998.7 Free Download

Pixel Starships Mod APK Overview:

In the role-playing and strategic game Pixel Starships Mod APK, you take control of a spacecraft and battle a tonne of foes as you travel across space. You have entire control of the ship. In addition to many other things, you can hire crew members, construct new quarters, and amass a variety of weapons.

As you go on missions, you have the ability to modify and control your spaceship. Resources are necessary to expand the number of rooms or hire more crew members, and they may be progressively acquired by your travels. You can design a room anywhere and however, you choose. Additionally, you possess the authority to designate any jobs to the workforce.


Pixel Starships battles are a lot like those in the amazing game FTL: Faster Than Light. Energy points are available aboard your starship and can be allocated to various parts, such as guns or shields. Your objective is to destroy the enemy spacecraft before they destroy you.

With its engaging pixelated graphics, captivating gameplay, and captivating setting, Pixel Starships is a fantastic blend of strategy and role-playing. It’s a fantastic title that takes influence from the greatest video games.

Pixel Starships Mod APK Features:

  • Make your own Starships based on your personal preferences. Utilize various elements to create the greatest design you can in the end.
  • Choose from a plethora of distinct racial groups, factions, and extraterrestrial species to subjugate.


  • Engage in gameplay and rival with other players worldwide. Try your luck and demonstrate your superiority.
  • Alternatively, you can collaborate with your friends to create strong alliances. In this manner, you will rule over all the stars.
  • Gain expertise in all facets of the game, such as recruiting, investigating, negotiating, and exploring new regions.

Pixel Starships Mod APK

  • Only a certain amount of resources will last your spacecraft. It is your responsibility to keep your Starship in top condition at all times.
  • You can construct support vessels to improve your starship’s overall quality.
  • An important aspect of the game is exploration. You’ll have to carry on exploring different worlds and discovering more about the secrets of space.
  • One of the greatest aspects is that you may play the game offline and entirely idle. This implies that in offline mode, you can program your crew AI to behave precisely as you choose. To play and engage in combat, you no longer need to be close to the screen of your own Android device. While you unwind and take a rest, your game will take care of everything.

You would be sorely misled to believe that Pixel Starships only offers these things. Like the secrets of space, there are a plethora of other perks and facets to explore. But you ought to solve these puzzles for yourself. Download Pixel Starships Mod APK for Android now; that’s just part of the journey.

Graphics Of Pixel Starships Mod APK:

Pixel Starships’ graphics adopt a pixelated look, as the name would imply. That being said, the quality is not diminished as a result. Actually, the reverse is true—the game boasts some excellent HD graphics. It feels as though you are playing a well-developed game for the DS, Game Boy, PSP, or even HD home consoles because of the stunning 2D graphics.

Pixel Starships Mod APK

The graphics are excellent compared to what was initially thought at first sight. While playing, everyone would undoubtedly appreciate the game’s graphics.

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How To Download Pixel Starships Mod APK?

In Pixel Starships, you can battle across the galaxy and explore different star systems. Get the game’s APK right away, and you and your pals will have countless hours of fun. Alternatively, you can play without any concerns at all whether offline or even idle. Enjoy a drink, kick back, and let the game take care of itself.

Pixel Starships Mod APK

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