Skip School Mod APK 3.8.7 Free Download (No aids)

Skip School Mod APK


Whether we enjoy it or not, education has had a significant impact on our lives. While some people may be in school right now, others may only have vague memories of their time there. However, one thing is constant: education can occasionally be dull. For this reason, many students attempt to skip class to hang out with friends or play games. Whatever the cause, one issue will always be in your way – how to get out of Skip School Mod APK.

Skip School Mod APK

Over a million copies of Eureka Studio’s game Skip School Mod APK have been downloaded from  You have to get out of school to win this game! It’s not so easy, though; in this game, the teacher is pursuing you. You have to think of inventive ways to get out of the teacher’s line of sight. Are you capable? Go on to find out more!

Information of Skip School APK 

Updated March,11,2024
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.8.7
size 107.58 Mb
Category Games
Developer Eureka Studio
Price Free
Google Play com.EurekaStudio.skipschool

What is Skip School Mod APK?

It wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that we considered skipping school at least once while we were students. While some have succeeded in doing so, others have not been able to. The mere thought of missing school can cause your heart to race. We fear being discovered by the teachers, after all. However, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable!

Skip School Mod APK

You can play the game Skip School Mod APK to remember your school days. Your primary objective in this game is to skip class. There are numerous levels for you to complete, and each one has a unique set of circumstances. You have to figure out a means to get away from the teacher in each of them. You might need to use certain game elements depending on the stage. Go on to find out more.

Skip School Mod APK Features:

With the help of the game Skip School, you can skip school in a variety of original ways. To effectively flee, try to get out of the teacher’s line of sight. These are its attributes:

  • Tons of levels – Your objective in this game is to skip class and engage in activities you prefer, including gaming or resting. However, you must get away from the teacher’s sight before you can accomplish that! There are a number of levels in Skip School that you must complete. The objective is always the same: get out of the teacher’s line of sight. You might have to hide inside a statue in order to accomplish this. Or perhaps you’ll need to disguise yourself to win by gathering a few items. You can do a number of different things in Skip School, which makes the game a lot of fun.

Skip School Mod APK

  • Unique graphics – The visuals in Skip School will bring to mind anime. There are 2D components in it that will pique your interest. Apart from that, the school and its people are well-crafted. In this game, you can only perform certain motions; you cannot move freely. However, it’s sufficient for you to appreciate the game’s stunning graphics.
  • Simple controls – Skip School features a few rather basic controls. To play this game, all you have to do is tap and move objects. No complicated controls or anything of the sort need to be committed to memory. All you have to do to play the game is tap the screen. In addition, you have the option to modify a few parameters.

Skip School Mod APK

  • Unique gameplay – There aren’t many games available that let you skip class. This is a rather unique game.

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How To Download Skip School Mod APK?

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