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Slash & Girl Mod APK


Games with endless runs are usually a popular genre. They are extremely addictive and put your cognitive abilities to the test. Action-slasher games are also a very popular genre. So let’s combine the two to achieve even better outcomes. For Android, download Slash and Girl Mod APK to experience the best of both worlds.

Slash & Girl Mod APK

In the several game modes, take your badass gal out onto the field and sprint through the predetermined path. But stay away from the Jokers, who are trying to stop you. But, avoiding danger doesn’t just mean swiping away from them. Just cut through them with ease. With a sword in hand, your girl will destroy anything that attempts to stop her.

Information of Slash & Girl Mod APK 2024

Updated Feb 28, 2024
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 7.9.965000
size 443.31 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer RedFish Games
Price Free
Google Play Slash & Girl

Slash and Girl Mod APK Free Download

Not only that, but you can also obtain the most recent Slash and Girl APK Mod APK version for your Android device. You will receive additional benefits from this edition to help you overcome natural obstacles. That means you won’t have to scrape up enough money for your desired looks and customizations. Having said that, selecting the altered APK will grant you access to the following benefits.

Slash & Girl Mod APK Features:

Take a look at the running and hacking elements that everyone can enjoy while playing.

Slash & Girl Mod APK

  • Cut through a ton of fools. Cut through any opposition and roadblocks that stand in your path.
  • There are several game modes with various foci. For example, Fever is designed for speed. As you swipe down, pick up more and more speed to become a formidable opponent.
  • Make your girl unique. Create a customized runner by selecting different outfits, armor, and weapons. Anybody will play for longer if you maintain that extra degree of immersion in your game.


The controls are the same as in any other Endless Run game: Slash and Girl. To enhance the fun, a few additional mechanics have been added to the standard controls. Naturally, we’re talking about the incorporated slicing and sword fighting mechanic.

Swiping left and right on your mobile screen will cause your girl to slash up enemies automatically. Furthermore, you may have your character jump into the air by swiping up, and you can roll attack them by swiping down.

Slash & Girl Mod APK

A seemingly easy game becomes a test of expertise because of all these distinct swipe commands along with the continual speed and rate of obstacles. Are you able to manage these factors with your hand-eye coordination? Feel free to push yourself.


Let’s take a minute to discuss the graphics. The entertaining 3D graphics in HD that Slash and Girl offers keep the gameplay entertaining and new.

Furthermore, the animations are clear and fluid. Swipe commands and gameplay feel natural and fulfilling. Because of this, the graphics of this game that never ends are exquisite and inventive in every way.

We would rate the animations and graphics an 8 out of 10.


Slash & Girl Mod APK

Tailor your hero

In Slash and Girl, players have to learn how to manage their speed when taking on formidable opponents. Introducing an exciting new game mode called Fever, the game sets itself different from its predecessors. Furthermore, players have stylish character fashions despite the action game’s genre, allowing them to customize their favorite outfits to suit their tastes. In case that wasn’t enough, players can utilize a wide variety of weapons in the game to combat jokers. Indeed, the elements listed above make this game ideal for action fans. For gamers, engaging in the game enhances their enjoyment.


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