Speedtest By Ookla Mod APK Premium (Unlocked)

Speedtest By Ookla Mod APK Premium (Unlocked)


Speedtest By Ookla Mod APK Premium (Unlocked) will be a fantastic app that lets people check the status of their network connection whenever they want. Are you unable to download new information and frequently encounter unstable or sluggish network connections? Then, using this program, your issue can be thoroughly reviewed. With this program, you can easily evaluate the performance and speed of your internet connection. Android users may now comfortably work on analyzing their Internet usage. Make sure they are connecting to the Internet at their finest. Take pleasure in working with the vast global server network that spans the globe, offering mobile users the greatest testing outcomes. Use Speedtest by Ookla to find out about connection constraints, privacy and security issues, and more.

Speedtest By Ookla Mod APK  Premium (Unlocked)

However, how can you tell whether your internet connection is quick? Speedtest Pro is the solution! This Ookla product has been installed over 100 million times just on the Google Play Store! Here, you can use the app to view the speed of your internet service in real-time. Select from several servers located all over the world to get results with pinpoint accuracy!

Information of  Speedtest By Ookla Mod APK

Updated Dec 6, 2023
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 5.2.4
size 37.27 Mb
Category Tools
Developer Ookla
Price Free
Google Play Speedtest by Ookla

Check the Speed of Your Internet

There are many websites on the internet that we visit daily. Our ability to load the vast amount of data in this location depends on having a quick internet connection. If not, we would not be able to communicate, load, or connect to our family members who live overseas! For those who play online games, where every second matters, a fast internet connection is also essential.

Speedtest By Ookla Mod APK  Premium (Unlocked)

Previously, there was no method for us to gauge the speed of our internet connection. But now that we have Speedtest Pro, we do! With only one click, this program can determine the upload and download speeds as well as the ping of your internet connection! You can determine whether your internet connection meets your demands in a matter of seconds. In addition, you get access to a safe virtual private network (VPN), coverage charts, server selection, results sharing, troubleshooting, and much more!

Characteristics of Speedtest Pro

Some Use Full Features of Speedtest Premium unlocked are as follows:

Ping, Upload, and Download speeds

We have benefited so much from the internet that we can no longer imagine living without it. As a result, there are a plethora of internet service providers worldwide that guarantee to deliver the necessary internet speeds. Can we, however, rely on what they say? Is it possible to verify whether this is accurate? Thank goodness Speedtest Pro is available now! You can accurately test the upload and download speeds as well as the ping of your internet using this program! You can then quickly determine whether your internet provider is telling the truth or not. If issues arise, you can also troubleshoot your internet connection.

No-cost VPN

To further enhance the functionality of the software, Ookla also provides a free VPN service on their mobile app, which you can all use. Just turn on the offered features to fully secure your Internet connection with cutting-edge VPN privacy and security. Simultaneously, you are able to unblock the Internet and freely access any website or online service that is available.

Speedtest By Ookla Mod APK  Premium (Unlocked)

many servers throughout the globe

Because it offers precise statistics from anywhere in the world, this software is incredibly popular! This is because it has more than 8,000 global servers! To get precise results, you can select the one that is nearest to you. As a result, this software is the best internet speed test ever created!

Priorities should be given to security and privacy

User data is always problematic with Internet connections, and the damage is extremely severe. Numerous prior applications have exploited network and access checks to obtain user information and provide a negative user experience. However, the developer of this application is constantly dedicated to providing you with user safety, and everyone’s ability to secure private data is always of utmost importance.

unique capacity for 5G testing

Additionally, you may now use the tools offered by Speedtest by Ookla to test your connection if you use 5G connectivity on your Android devices. Here, the software will ensure that you may obtain accurate results because it has the only 5G testing capabilities among all network testers.

Speedtest By Ookla Mod APK  Premium (Unlocked)


Speedtest by Ookla has done a fantastic job of keeping the helpful online features and also adding many excellent functionalities on the mobile app, so that Android users can get the most of their application. You’ll be able to utilize the program more effectively and take pleasure in using the expanded features as a result. Plus, you’ll have even more motivation to start enjoying it now that our website offers a free and unlocked app.

How to get Mod APK  and How to install it

The “Unknown Sources” option must be enabled when starting installation.

1. To download Speedtest By Ookla Mod APK Premium (Unlocked) click the Download button below.

2. Store the file in the download folder on your device.

3. Click the file that you downloaded to start the installation process, then give it some time to finish.

4. As soon as it’s finished, launch the game and begin playing.

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