Giant Wanted Mod APK 1.1.56 Free Download

Giant Wanted Mod APK


There are so many different kinds of these games, you can usually play them whenever you want. Giant Wanted Mod APK is just one of the many entertaining games that you can download right now if you enjoy playing them. There are a ton of entertaining games in this area that you can play, and right now, sniper games are well-regarded. There are tons of thrilling sniper games available where the objective is to kill a target.

Giant Wanted Mod APK

However, your mission in this Supersonic Studios game is to destroy a massive monster that has invaded the city! Here, you have to murder the people before you can snipe the monster. As you get access to more and more sniper rifles, you may enjoy aiming! Are you able to combat the formidable opponents?

Information of  Giant Wanted Mod APK

Updated March,21,2024
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.1.56
size 203.73 Mb
Category Games
Developer Supersonic Studios LTD
Price Free
Google Play com.megatouch.giantwanted

Snipe Giants:

Do you love playing shooter games and having guns? You may play a lot of thrilling games in this genre right now. You can download a ton of shooting games these days if you’re the kind of person who likes to play them. There are a ton of these games available right now that are entertaining for all ages and completely free. The greatest sniper rifle game available right now is called Giant Wanted, and it can be downloaded for free! Giants are invading the city in this awesome game, and you can shoot them at will. You can eliminate the giant that is encroaching on the city by using your excellent sniping abilities.

Giant Wanted Mod APK

If you pointed your rifle down to kill the behemoth, it would be helpful. In this game, you have to defeat various giants on each level. You have access to an enormous variety of weaponry, including rockets, grenade launchers, and sniper rifles. This is the place where you may truly test your sniping abilities!

Giant Wanted Mod APK

Since there are a lot of giants in this game, you can freely enjoy sniping.

Giant Wanted Highlights:

As you defeat a lot of giants in Giant Wanted, you’ll receive rewards! Enjoy the game and put your shooting abilities to use today.

Fight Against Giants 

There are tons of shooting games available for free download if you’re searching for the greatest game available right now. There are a ton of shooting games available, particularly battle royale games. These days, there are a ton of these games available because they are free.

Giant Wanted Mod APK

They’re entertaining to play and allow you to practice your shooting now, so you may enjoy them immediately. However, if you’re searching for something different to play, you may download Giant Wanted right now. You can enjoy yourself while playing this game by eliminating creatures that resemble Godzilla and Titans. Here, there are tons of entertaining monsters to slay, and you’ll need to assist a lot of people in reaching safety.

To kill the monsters, precisely aim and use your sniping skills. You can utilize a wide variety of long-range weaponry here, including grenade launchers and various sniper rifles. To significantly boost your weapons’ damage, you can also improve them.

Giant Wanted Mod APK

Use Many Weapons 

If you’re searching for an enjoyable game, Giant Wanted is the best option! You only need to use your sniping talents to preserve humanity in this situation, so stop searching! You’ll need the greatest weaponry to defeat the numerous enemies you may encounter in this game.

Thankfully, there are numerous more kinds of weapons available here, including sniper rifles. Every level you beat in the game will grant you several goodies. These coins can be used to increase the damage and offline earnings of your weapon!

Enjoy Many Levels

Giant Wanted offers a plethora of levels for enjoyment. You can enjoy yourself while taking on different enemies at every level of this game. Every level will present a distinct set of opponents, so you’ll need to always bring your best!

Giant Wanted Mod APK

Fortunately, the target is slow and huge, which helps your chances of defeating them. With so many levels to finish in this game, you can have a lot of fun.

Fight In 3D 

You may find it in complete 3D in Giant Wanted! Since you will be fighting them from a safe distance, you won’t need to approach the opponents. You may have a lot of fun shooting opponents in this game.

Giant Wanted Features:

  • Protect the city from enormous attackers.
  • basic slide targeting and firing mechanisms
  • Aim for flawless headshots to ensure quick takedowns.
  • difficult stages with clear barriers
  • Gain in-game cash by finishing stages.
  • Upgrade your sniper rifle strategically.
  • captivating graphics and novel gameplay mechanics
  • Defend the populace and preserve the city.

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